Case Study : Saudi Arabia - Saudi Telecom



The Saudi Telecom project is one of ELID's most ambitious undertakings; the establishment of an integrated access control and security management system that covers aproximately a thousand remote sites spread out across the country of Saudi Arabia, all centrally monitored and controlled from the Saudi Telecom headquarters in Riyadh.

Access Control and Security Monitoring At All Facilities Nationwide

The Saudi Telecom Corporation maintains several hundred branch offices, transmission stations and other telecommunication infrastructure facilities throughout Saudi Arabia. Each of these facilities is covered by a standalone-capable EL5000 Controller, which provides automated door card access control and alarm monitoring services for the entire facility. Approximately a thousand sites are configured this way.

Super-fast Data Communication Via Existing TCP/IP Leased Lines

Using Saudi Telecom's existing high-speed leased line infrastructure, each individual EL5000 Controller is connected to a Matrix V Regional Server located at one of four Saudi Telecom regional telecommunication centers located in strategic locations around Saudi Arabia. The Super-fast leased line connection provides the bandwidth capacity each high-performance regional server needs to manage access control and alarm monitoring at approximately 250 sites hundreds of kilometers away in real-time.

Centralized Monitoring and Control from Saudi Telecom Headquarters

All four regional control centers, in turn, are connected via leased lines to the Matrix V Central Enterprise Server located at the Saudi Telecom Headquarters. Here, each regional Matrix V Server system is integrated into an enterprise-wide Matrix V Enterprise level system. Saudi Telecom Headquarters is able to monitor and perform control functions at access control and security systems at any Saudi Telecom Facility anywhere in Saudi Arabia. Overall, this Matrix V system comprises of approximately 1,000 EL5000 Controllers and their subsidiary access control and alarm monitoring devices.

System Configuration

1000 EL5000 Controllers divided into 4 regions of approximate 250 Controllers each.
Each individual EL5000 Controller controls up to 8 doors, 210 input points and 345 output relays.
Each EL5000 Controller connects to one of 4 Regional Matrix V Server Systems, depending on the region category it belongs to. Each regional server allows up to 32 workstations to simultaneously monitor access control and alarm activity as well as perfom system configuration and operations on all facilities in its region.
All four Regional Matrix V Server systems are connected to a single Matrix V Enterprise Server, located at the Saudi Telecom headquaters. Central monitoringand control of the entire system encompasssing all four regions is available here.


Case Study : Singapore - Media Corporation of Singapore



The Media Corporation of Singapore (MCS) is one of Asia's leading public radio and television broadcasting service providers. At any given time, this organization is involved in multiple simultaneous news and entertainment projects incuding the filming of motion pictures, television drama serials, variety shows, frequent daily news broadcasts in four different languages, commercial broadcasts, and much more. They use a 90-Door EsofNET System using EL2200 Series Door Controllers at its Caldecott Broadcast Centre compound, which provides an access control and security solution to address the following issues:

1. Asset Security: The Caldecott Broadcast Centre is filled with recording studios, film sets, stages, broadcast facilities, multimedia and communication centers and the like. Each is equipped with sophisticated and valuable equipment, as well as access to confidential information, intellectual property and the like. Protecting these assets from theft and vadalism is an important role of access control, which restricts access to locations and stored assets to authorized personnel.

2. Securing a Public Service: The Media Corporation of Singapore (MCS) provides an essential public service to the regional community by providing a medium for disseminating important information to the public. This requires that all broadcasts meet its daily schedule without interruption. A part of achieving this objective is the restriction of unauthorized personnel from entering sensitive areas where they may, either accidentally or intentionally, interfere with the normal broadcasting operations of the center.

3. Protecting Celebrity Privacy: Numerous local and international celebrities can often be found in Caldecott Hill, involved in current affairs interviews, film shootings, variety events and the like. As public figures, they are often the victims of excessive public attention, where intruders may seek to invade the privacy of celebrities against their wishes.

A large number of artistes, recording engineers, set crews and other personnel are constantly assigned to different areas of the Caldecott compound, according to the various projects they are assigned to. If left unchecked, it is only too easy for unscrupulous individuals to gain access to areas where they do not belong. Access Control for the compound is, therefore, an absolute necessity. The EsofNET Access Control System ensures that only authorized personnel may access each facility and only at pre-scheduled times.

Flexible Door Accessibility Management

A time-sharing scheme is set in place at the Caldecott Broadcast Centre to manage the allocation of various media resources such as recording studios, sound studios, sets, stages, etc. to various ongoing project teams as they become available for use. In order to facilitate the execution of this scheme and simultaneously maintain security, it is necessary to frequently change the access rights of various individuals as their assignments change. To that end, EsofNET Access Control System possesses the capacity to facilitate quick and flexible changes to the door accessibility of individual cardholders on a daily basis.

System Configuration

90 doors installed with EL2200 Series Door Controllers