EasyBadge Card Maker is a powerful contemporary version of our classic Photo ID Badging Software.

Based on our sophisticated Matrix V Photo ID Module, the EasyBadge Card Maker Software Suite adds new

functionally and capabilities to meet the corporate identification needs of the new millennium.


  • Compatible with any PC configuration using MS Windows, 2000, 7
  • Supports any standard dsiplay resolution (800 x 600 and above, 16-bit true color)
  • Supports any windows-compatible card printer
  • Landscape and portrait alignment printing
  • Single card & batch printing
  • "2 of 5" and "3 of 9" barcode generation & printing
  • Incorporate up to 2 signatures to your card design
  • WYSIWYG -"What You See Is What You Get" print preview
  • WACOM signature pad compatibility - use a stylus to place your signature into EasyBadge Cad Maker
  • Up to 256 imported photo objects, 256 user-defined image layers and 2 signature objects per card
  • MS Access 2000-based database
  • Import & Export the EasyBadge Card Maker database in standard CSV text format
  • "Point-andClick" and "Drag & Drop" windows user interface
  • Power graphics editing tools
  • Long filename support
  • Support front & back card profiling / printing