• E.VIS is an user-friendly visitor management system, it enhances corporate security through the identification of unwanted or suspicious visitors with the help of the MyKAD technology.
  • E.VIS is designed to keep track of visitor traffic details. It also enables instantaneous background checks to be done easily. It minimizes processing time and generates visitor badges in seconds.
  • The E.VIS incorporates a touch screen monitor, MyKAD reader, web-camera and proximity reader (EM, HID or Mifare) to provide the user with a simple and total solution for visitor management.

           a) Automatic log-in of visitor information within seconds through the MyKAD reader.
           b) Incorporated with touch screen monitor to key-in the information via the virtual keyboard
           c) Incorporated with a web-camera to capture a visitor’s image and business card
           d) Visitor card can be assigned within seconds
           e) Control visitor’s accessibility through an assigned visitor card
           f)  Real-time visitor information
           g) Provides comprehensive reports